Thursday, March 2, 2017

Is anyone out there?

I'm back after a short two-year break!

What a flake. I know, I know. Life got in the way, and I went through some adult-onset what's the point malaise. But I've decided the point is that I like doing it. It's for me. So hello. Not that anyone was really reading in the first place, but I'm going to make an effort to keep up with posting here.

The inciting incident that has lead to my return to blogging is the same one that brought me here to begin with. A break-up.

I'd been dating this guy seriously for ten months. YAY! I finally found someone cool! Tinder works! Success! Or at least that's what my oxytocin-goggles told me. All along my brain was nagging at me saying, "Adelaide, I think he just might be an asshole."

It fell apart rather quickly (at least to me it appeared that way, he may have been planning his exit for a while) and I found myself taking my own advice. Actually that's not entirely true - I was simultaneously taking my own advice and horribly ignoring my own advice. But to be fair to myself, I had written that piece after dating a guy for three and a half months. I was devastated, we had exchanged I-love-yous, but still - it was a much shorter chapter of my life than this one.

This one lasted almost a year. I was more invested, more hurt, and much angrier. I'm still mulling it over in my brain (this went down in mid-December) and I'm not quite ready to lay it all out here, but I'm sure I will eventually. It may actually come out in little bits here and there, but suffice it to say I'm reluctantly back in the dating game, and feeling quite jaded and hopeless. 

Which makes for good writing, so here I am, motherfuckers!

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